[Classic Mid Rate] L2 Bellum

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[Classic Mid Rate] L2 Bellum

Post  l2bellum on Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:37 am

Hello folks,
Long time no see. Good news, bad news, don't know how you will call them but next Monday i hope to open the server as Public Beta.
Some thigs will still be needed to configure and test but with your help we will be able to do it faster. Faster enough to make the server Live on 1st April.

Yup, you heard it right.
Few details you should know about is that this server will be a Mid one with Low influences, copying retail as much as possible and removing the booooooring stuff for your maximum pleasure.
NO DONATIONS are planned beside some useless stuff that will be given as reward if you guys decide to help me pay the bills. THIS IS A HYBRID SERVER, MADE FOR PLAYERS.

That mean the server will constantly evolve/change based on your feedback/needs so you can taste all the Lineage 2 feeling and never get bored.

There will be NO CUSTOM skills or items.
Maximum enchant will be UNLIMITED (aka 65535).

This being said:

Server will be 75x
All the rates will be set in order to offer the best experience of a 75x.
I consider this rates as being mid with low influence.
Till level 52 you will be helped by the system to get everything you need.
1st class will be free (actually you will get some reward doin it).
2nd class will also be free (again you will get reward but don't expect to be able buy top items since we must encourage ppl to join academy so... for top items you will still need adena, money that we hope ppl will give you for the already stated reason).
3rd class will cost you some money (not too much but still not too less, for that you will get some BOG's).
Subclass will be free.
Nobless will require you to do a raid boss (actually you will have to do the quest but from "lvl 65 part").
Buff slots will be retail like (+2/4 still thinking).
Buff duration will be 1hour (we kinda want you to carry that box on big bosses).
GM Buffer will not have all the buffs (still thinking which to remove).
GM Shop will include C/B items (no oly items, if you are that good to make the difference you will be able to do those items easily).
GM Shop will not include any other item than those you can find in grocery.
GM Gatekeeper will be only for catacombs/necropolis (outside of them, participation to dawn/dusk will change the balance of power) but also for some hot spots in the game in order to not make you lose the time with summoners.
Spoil will be easy but getting recipes not.
For that we will include a trader that will trade you simple mats for more advanced ones (we don't want you to lose your time crafting mats, crafting is fun, but not crafting mats).
There will be champion mobs, between lvl 10 and 65, be aware... they will be hard, you will need party but it will worth it.
Raids will also worth doing them.
Quests will be also well rewarded (adena/xp)
Safe enchant 3 (4 fullbody armor).
Max enchant Unlimited.
Teleport is free of charge.
Only global gk cost 1k adena.

Of course they are just starting ideas and you can always propose new ones.
Some changes are already proposed in our Poll board made on our forum, go there and vote now.
l2bellum DOT com


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