Read Before Creating A Topic

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Read Before Creating A Topic

Post  [Developer]ZoDiaC* on Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:50 pm

WARNING: Topics without proper information or off topic natures will be Junked.

In this section you can advertise your server. Do not forget to include in your topics with the following:

Topic title MUST include the following:
Chronicle: [C1 - CT2.3]
Software language: [L2OFF] OR [L2J] OR [OTHER]

[CT2.3 L2OFF] TrinityL2 NO BUGS! 500x!
[C6 L2J] BadSoftL2 Highly modified L2J! RvB!

In the post itself!
1) Rates
2) Server Site Link
3) General server information and everything else you think is necessary.

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