[Guide]How to build your own server

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[Guide]How to build your own server

Post  [Developer]ZoDiaC* on Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:52 pm

Well guyz i think i can help with this Guide so i will tell to all how to build your own server

First you need to download the 3 importan's Program's
MySQL 5.0
Navicat Crack
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Now let's start install the program's:
Install JavaJDK
Install JavaJDK (u wont hve any problems on it).

2)Lets Install the MySQL server:
*Run the Executable file and start the installation.
*After the install, a window called "MySQL server instance configuration" will appear, than follow these steps to configure it.

*Choose "Server Machine"

*Press Next til the screen above.
*U can choose the first option if u do not pretend to have more of 20 players, or use the third option ("Manual setting") where in the "concurrent connections" field , u put how many ppl do u like to join ur server.

*Keep pressing next til the SECURITY SETTINGS screen.
*On it , Uncheck the "modify security settings" than next.

*Now press the EXECUTE button (note: if it gave the error 0 return to the DATABASE USAGE window and choose TRANSACTIONAL DATABASE instead of MULTIFUNCTIONAL DATABASE !).

*Ok ur MySQL server is setted up ! Login: Root , without password and port 3306.
Now lets setup the NAVICAT (MySQL GUY). (For who dont know what is that , just imagine this way: MySQL is like the Internet and the NAVICAT is like the Explorer or Firefox).

*Intall NAVICAT , than open it.

*In NAVICAT , click on CONNECTION than fill up the spaces like the image above

*After that will appear a new connection, into connections field, called Localhost. Right click on it than choose NEW DATABASE. A small window will popup asking for the DB name. Use the name l2jdb than click ok. Well done DATABASE created !

*Extract the contents of the server pack in a folder of ur choice.

*Now lets put all the info of the SQL files into ur database.

*Ull find a file called Database_installer.bat at the Tools folder that will be inside ur servers folder.

*Right click on it and choose EDIT.

*Insert in the line "set mysqlBinPath=" the correct address of ur MySQL BIN FOLDER, than save it.

*Execute the modified file. A Ms-dos window will open giving u choices. Press "F" (full installation) every time it ask u to choose.

*Okay . Ur database is ready to use !

*Now we will edit few stuffs to setup the server correctly.

*Go into the folder gameserver/config/ and open w. a notepad the server.proprierties file.

*Ull need to edit few lines :
*ExternalHostname= UR EXTERNAL IP HERE ( U can discover it using the site WhatIsMyIP.com - . If u only want to play alone and dont want ppl out of ur network to join, u can left it blank).

*InternalHostname= UR INTERNAL IP HERE (If ur pc is connect in a network, put ur pc network IP. If not, put ).

*MinProtocolRevision = 1
*MaxProtocolRevision = 999 (edit these both using these number to avoid a protocol error).

*Now go into ur LOGIN folder. Run the file "RegisterGameServer.bat".

*A ms-dos window will show up and will ask u for an ID. Choose the ID 1 (only need to type 1 ).

*Done it a file called hexid(id 1 or something like).txt will appear into ur login folder. Rename it to hexid.txt , copy and paste inside ur gameserver/config/ folder.

*Now just need to start the "startloginserver.bat" (login folder) and "startgameserver.bat" (gameserver folder). It will be opened when stops on the following lines (check the image). Remember, ur server is setted up to autocreate accounts so u dont need to execute "startaccountmanager.bat" this time.

*Okay ! Server is running fellows !

*PS: If u are under a router, dont forget to open the ports 7777 (game server), and 2106 (login server).!!!

I think i help you very much

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Re: [Guide]How to build your own server

Post  [Developer]AnGelL on Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:28 pm

Mprabo niko tha boithisei pola pedia ayto

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Re: [Guide]How to build your own server

Post  [Developer]DevZeuS* on Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:42 pm

alithia poli kali doulia
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Re: [Guide]How to build your own server

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