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Post  [Developer]ZoDiaC* on Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:25 am

Greek : Se ka8e topic 8a kanete mono 4 spam...!!
: Sto Spam Section 8a kanete mono 8 spam se ka8e topic...!!!
Proeidopoihsh : 1)An doume kapion na min to tirei auto 8a tou steiloumai ena minimataki pou 8a tou leei kati..!!
: 2)An doume ton idio pali na to 3ana kanei 8a tou dwsoume -1 karma..!!
: 3)Kai otan ftasei sta -10 Karma o char 8a trwei ban...!!!

English : On Every Topic You Can Spam Only 4 Times...!!
: On Spam Section You Can Spam Only 8 Times...!!
Warning : 1)If we see someone to dont respect our spam rules,we'll send to him one message with something inside..!!
: 2)If we see the same people to do it again we'll give to him -1 karma..!!
: 3)And when him take -10 Karma ... him char take ban...!!!

Rules By L2Exploiters DevTeam

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