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[Guide]Clan Halls

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Only leaders of a level two or higher clan without a clan hall can obtain one. Clan halls are available in the Town of Dion (C Grade), Town of Gludio, Gludin Village, and Town of Schuttgart (B Grade), and Town of Giran, Town of Aden, Town of Goddard, and Rune Township (A Grade). The six clan halls in the Town of Aden also give clan leaders the ability to ride a Wyvern.

Each hall has been given its own name; for instance, the first house in Gludin Village has the name Gludin Crystal Hall.

Buying Clan Halls

Clan leaders can only bid on one clan hall in an auction. When a clan leader places a bid on a clan hall, the bid amount of adena is taken from the clan's warehouse. Bids must be higher than the previous bid. Clan leaders cannot bid more than the amount of adena in the clan's warehouse.

The clan leader who places the highest bid at the end of the auction wins. If a clan is successful in purchasing a clan hall, the clan leader receives a message that they won. Any previous residents that are still in the hall are kicked out.

The bid amounts of the clan leaders who bid unsuccessfully are returned to their clan's warehouses.

Clan Hall Maintenance

The clan that owns the clan hall must deposit usage fees in the clan warehouse, collected weekly. If the usage fees are not paid, the clan leader receives a message and is given a grace period of one week. If the usage fees are still not paid after that time, the clan hall is repossessed and put up for auction.

HP and MP can be regenerated within the clan hall for a fee.

A warehouse is available in the clan hall, and teleporters are available in the clan hall for members to travel to the village entrance and square. Teleporting to other areas requires a fee.

Clan Hall Decorations

Players can add a variety of decorations and functions to their clan hall.

1. Recovery Facilities
* Fireplace: HP recovery ability
* Carpet: MP recovery ability
* Chandelier: When a character dies and returns to the clan hall, a fixed % of experience is recovered
2. Miscellaneous Equipment
* Mirror: Allows teleportation to nearby regions and hunting areas
* Interior curtains: Offer a variety of buffs through Clan Hall manager NPC
* Magic Machine: For B-grade and higher houses, item production is available by grade
3. Decorative Additions
* Curtain, Foyer: These are decorations to make the house look more beautiful.

Selling Clan Halls

Clan leaders may put their clan hall up for auction through the Auctioneer. Auction periods can be set for seven days, three days, or one day. Clan leaders can write a simple description of the clan hall they wish to auction and must pay a deposit to put their clan hall up for auction.

The clan leader can cancel the auction during the set time, but the deposit is not returned and they cannot set up another auction for seven days.

When a clan hall does not have an owner, or has not been maintained sufficiently, it will be set up automatically for a seven-day auction period.

If the clan breaks up before the end of an auction period for their clan hall, the auction will continue, but the proceeds and deposit from selling the clan hall cannot be received.

If no one participates in an auction, the clan hall is returned to the owners, but their deposit is not returned.

If a clan successfully sells a clan hall, the clan leader will receive a message. The highest bid, minus taxes, is placed in the selling clan's warehouse, along with the deposit.

Conquerable Clan Halls

Certain clan halls are won by a clan's skill in battle or in special mini-games. These clan halls, like auctionable clan halls, can be used for item creation and other functions.

Fortress of Resistance

The clan that defeats the Bloody Lord Nurka gains access to his hideaway, known as the Fortress of Resistance. Bloody Lord Nurka only appears at night.

Bandit Stronghold

In order to participate in a battle to occupy the Bandit Stronghold clan hall, the head of a clan of level 4 or above must complete a quest within a certain time before the clan hall battle begins. Only the first five clans that complete the quest first can participate. Also, the number of clan members that can participate per clan is limited to 18 people.

Once the decision is made to participate in the clan battle, the clan leader must register the 18 clan members and select the NPC that he will protect. Clans that currently occupy the clan hall must register the 18 clan members to participate in the defense.

The date and time of the clan hall battle can be confirmed through the NPC outside the Bandit Stronghold.

In the elimination match, the five selected clans must protect their own NPCs while removing the NPCs of the other clans. When entering the clan hall, each camp can be distinguished by the colors of the banners standing in front and the participants must wait in front of their respective banner. Once the elimination match starts, the NPCs appears below the banner and start to move toward the center to participate in the battle. The NPC of a clan has the same mark as the clan.

This battle is a free-for-all during a fixed time period until only one clan remains. If the NPC under protection dies, then the clan members are all teleported out of the clan hall. The battle finishes when the last NPC is still remaining in the end.

If the limit time (20 minutes) is exceeded and two NPCs or more remain, then everyone is teleport out and the previous owner of the clan hall is regarded as having successfully defended without even having a final battle. Once the clan hall battle starts, players not qualified to participate are all kicked outside the clan hall.

The clan that owns the clan hall must wait in the peace zone inside the clan hall during the elimination match.

The two clans in the final battle are teleported to the center of the clan hall and the rules and method of carrying out are the same as the elimination match. However, the final battle does not have a time limit. If there is no clan hall owner, then the winner of the elimination match comes to own the clan hall without there being a final battle.

Devastated Castle

The Devastated Castle is an occupied clan hall that is acquired by siege battle with NPCs. The siege is set up to take place with the NPCs every week, which is different from other sieges. The clan hall battle for the Devastated Castle is always defended by an NPC clan and the ownership to the castle is maintained for one week by the PC clan that is able to defeat the defending NPC clan and take the castle.

Clan that wants to participate in the battle to occupy and acquire the clan hall must register to participate in advance. Participation in the battle to occupy takes place in clan units and only clan leaders having clans of level 4 or above can apply to register. Clans that already own another clan hall cannot register. The clan that had owned the Devastated Castle previously is automatically registered for the siege and the registration for the battle to occupy must be done at least two hours before the start time. Clans that participate in the battle to occupy the Devastated Castle cannot participate in another battle to occupy another clan hall or siege at the same time.

When the time set for the siege starts, the area inside and around the Devastated Castle is designated as the battleground and the players that are already inside the castle are all kicked to the outside. Leader of the clans that are registered in the battle to occupy the castle can build a headquarters.The rules of battle during the battle to occupy the castle are the same as ordinary sieges except for the fact that everyone is on the attacking side and not on the defending side. However, even if the headquarters are destroyed or an unregistered character enters the battlefield and is killed, players are not restarted at the second closest village like in a siege.

A battle to occupy lasts for one hour and the clan recorded as having contributed the most to killing the head NPC of the Devastated Castle becomes the owner of the clan hall. If the leader is killed, the battle to occupy ends immediately. If no clan is able to kill the leader within the time period, the Devastated Castle continues to be occupied by the NPCs until the next battle to occupy.

Wild Beast Reserve

The Wild Beast Reserve is north of Beast Pastures and similar to the Bandit Stronghold’s clan hall battle system; it is a contested hideout. The clan must be level 4 or higher to participate.

Only the first five clans to arrive may participate in the contest after qualifying (A Grand Plan for Taming Wild Beasts quest) and speaking to a messenger NPC at the entrance of the Beast Farm.

The A Grand Plan for Taming Wild Beasts quest may only last for one hour prior to the start of the clan hall war.

Clan members who want to participate in the contest have to register with the messenger NPC and have a maximum of 18 members participate.

When a player dies during a clan hall war, he/she is resurrected at the restart point and must return to the battlefield through a gatekeeper who is in that area.

There are monsters only found in the Wild Beast Reserve, and they are easier to tame than the ones in the Beast Pastures.

Fortress of the Dead

The Fortress of the Dead is located southeast of the Rune Township and is a contested hideout similar to the siege style of the Devastated Castle clan hall. It is of the highest grade among all contested clan halls.

Only a clan level 4 or higher may participate.

Siege registration is open up to two hours before a war and is scheduled through the messenger NPC outside of the clan hall.

The siege war follows the same rules as Devastated Castle. The siege war goes on for one hour, and the clan that contributes the most to killing Lidia von Hellmann takes possession of the clan hall. If the followers of Lidia von Hellmann, Alfred von Hellmann, and Giselle von Hellmann are killed, the clan hall war will be a lot easier.

The siege war ends upon the death of Lidia von Hellmann; just as in Devastated Castle, and if there is no clan that has killed the applicable NPC, the clan hall is under the NPC’s possession until the next siege war.

The clan that owned the clan hall previously will be automatically registered in the next clan hall war.

The possessing clan hall leader can ride on a wyvern.

Rainbow Springs Chateau

Rainbow Springs Chateau is located north of the Hot Springs area. A new style of siege war has been applied to it, which is different from previous contested clan hall war styles.

In order to own the clan hall, winning is decided through a mini-game. Only a clan level 3 or higher is allowed to participate and the maximum number of clans is four. Participants may have 5 or more member in their party.

How to Participate

A clan leader in possession of a “Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decree” may register to participate through a messenger NPC up to one hour before the contest begins. The top four clans, owning the highest number of Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decrees amongst them, will be chosen to compete and their clan leaders notified through a system message.

Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decrees may be obtained by fishing in the Hot Springs area of Goddard. However, a player must use Hot Springs Bait for fishing bait.

If a participating clan requests disorganization in the middle of a siege war registration period, the siege war participation registration is automatically cancelled. However, the certificates are not returned at this time.

A participating clan may cancel its participation up until the end of the registration period. In this happens, the clan will only get back half of their submitted certificates.

The clan that owns the Rainbow Springs Chateau is automatically registered for the next contest. In this case, the top three clans, owning the highest number of Rainbow Springs Clan Hall War Decrees amongst them, will be chosen to compete.

Battle Method

A Rainbow Springs Chateau siege war is held at the east arena of Rainbow Springs.

After clan are selected to compete, the contest is comprised of a one-hour waiting period, a contest time of 58 minutes, and an end time of 2 minutes.

Registered clans must organize one party with five or more members, with their clan leader as the party leader. The party must move to the arena before the siege war starts and enter the arena through the Caretaker. The surrounding area of the arena is a Peaceful Zone.

Participating clans enter into different game fields respectively and through the Caretaker. If a character, who is not a party member enters, the clan will not be allowed to enter into the arena.

Upon entering the arena, all buffs that are active on all participating characters will be removed, and summoned pet/servitors will disappear and cannot be summoned back into the arena.

Once the contest begins, a Hot Springs Yeti and a Hot Springs Gourd appear in the center of the arena and treasure chests appear randomly around throughout the arena.

The Hot Springs Yeti announces the game rules and helps guide players.

All of the Hot Springs Yeti’s shouts may be collected and then exchanged with/for various Hot Springs items. Text exchange or Hot Springs item use is only available to the clan leader and clan members.

Participants can break the spawned treasure chests in the arena and can acquire text passages. Text items cannot be exchanged; therefore to give them to other characters, they should be dropped first and then picked up.

Treasure Chests can only be damaged with your bare hands, however Mimics can be attacked with P. Atk and M. Atk.

When using Hot Springs Nectar, an Enraged Yeti is spawned at a certain intervals and interrupts the game. The Enraged Yeti can be attacked with P. Atk. and M. Atk.

The Hot Springs items may be used when the Hot Springs Yeti is a target, and they can reduce the HP of the gourd, cast debuff on other teams, change the gourd, or recover.

The team that first destroys the Hot Springs Gourd wins the game. All the participants are then teleported outside of the arena after a 2-minute delay.

At the end of the game, a manager NPC appears and cleans the arena by picking up all the item drops.

The game continues even if the server goes down in the middle of the mini-game.
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