[SHARE][UPDATED]Preconfigured L2J Gracia part2 DP With Faction Soon By:Intrepid

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[SHARE][UPDATED]Preconfigured L2J Gracia part2 DP With Faction Soon By:Intrepid

Post  [Developer]AnGelL on Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:39 pm

First of all:
-This pack dont have NPCs!
-This pack dont have shitty moddings!
-This pack not a 3 click and go pack!
-This pack dont need idiot sql backups or other shit!


crystal caverns

hellbound zone 90% retail like(only some quests needed but i add them as soon as i can)

lots of anti exploits

lots of retail like skills

lots of flood protections

vitality system

fame point system

reworked friend list

reworked char effects(to avoid a lots of buffing exploits)

improved fishing

some security check in tvt engine(cursed weapon,dual box etc...)

reworked charges(more retail like)

no store zones(only in giran yet)

configurable common item drop rate

Combat Stance and offline trade/craft

Logging remote "Port and IP" from client

Character level is pre-requisit to use trade

Announce can be logged

Lots of enchant fixes

PVP/PK color system

anti walker protection thx Cobra

trade exploit fix thx Rizel

Custom PVP/PK settings

Custom start lvl

all handler moved back to the core for easier usage(because lot of ppl dont know how to make syntax highlighting in the dp)

house core buffer(id:90001)

unequip items when add subclass(security check for some subclass exploit)

oly fake death exploit protection

Town war event thx Vago

all subclass displayed at the NPCs for easier usage

potion and soe pvp restriction

Configurable pvp hero settings

char create title settings

GM overenchant protection

Low lvl char killing protection

tvt commands

Info command

resurrection system

clan hall soe buy stuck exploit fix

anti buff shield

stat command thx Vago and KidZor

tradeoff command

pmoff command

fix for double die thing(the idiot bug that works everywhere xD)

enchant logging feature

maximum enchant announce feature

lots of security checks now in the core but soon i move the checks to the sql

castle lord announce

dwarf enchant system

starting ancient adena

and lot more...

Dowload links:(version 1.3 rev:116)


SVN and Timeline links:



I keep the pack up to date (thats why i write above version 1.x) so if you have any request about the pack reply here or use pm!

Look at the timeline for updates regurarly!

If you use the uploaded version make CLEAN install everytime!

Credits All to :L2Exploiters.forumakers.com

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Re: [SHARE][UPDATED]Preconfigured L2J Gracia part2 DP With Faction Soon By:Intrepid

Post  [Developer]DevZeuS* on Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:33 pm

its so good.

you make good wark more people want a l2j gracia 2:)

+1 karma by me

(fix the karma system)
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