Read Before You Creating New Topic

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Read Before You Creating New Topic

Post  [Developer]ZoDiaC* on Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:18 pm

In this section you are able to post any exploit you know about Lineage II. In order to do that you have to include at your subject title one of these words:

- Exploits:

[Exploit] All exploits that not including tools (example: help.htm,abuse,stuck buffs)
[Tool] A 3rd person tool for l2 (example: hlapex,la2brute,la2 fun etc)
[Guide]Guide on how to use a tool, or exploit (example: how to use hlapex)
[Share] Share a useful information in this forum (example: i found this,can you test it)
[Other] All others

- If you see a user to open a thread to wrong section dont reply!!
say to the user that he posted to wrong section or Pm a moderator to lock the topic

- For moderators that have lock rights.

When you lock a topiC and you say it's already posted don't forget to give the link
of the other topiC that is posted.

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