[L2W]100% ct1/ct2 walker

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[L2W]100% ct1/ct2 walker

Post  [Developer]ZoDiaC* on Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:46 pm

this walker is for gracia ct1/ct2 and working 100% , if server havent l2walker protection..!!


well....i will tell something examples and screenshot's for you can understand how can use it..!!
First you need to put your server on your gracia lineage folder , after you will start to continue with l2walker...!!

Now you find the 2.05.rar (is the l2walker folder) and you press Extrack here

After you will take one one folder and you will open it

When you open this folder ... you will find all this files and you will open ONLY L2Walker

When you open the file L2Walker you will see this , you will press at the mini folder.... and you will choose the write l2.exe (You need to choose it bucause you cant log)

When you make all this , you will press RUN and you are rdy..!!
After you need to start it from inside to the server...well...when you log on server , press the
button HOME and you will see this foto....you will go to the Other Control and you will Check the Celected Auto Attack

After you will press on .Stop Auto Fun.(INS) and press again the button HOME

After you will press the button END and you are rdy to let your char to play alone...!!
And something last...if you want to open and second lineage with another char you will go on the 2.05 folder .... you will open the L2Walker and you will press RUN (dont need to choose again your l2.exe)..!!

Credits : To Me

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Re: [L2W]100% ct1/ct2 walker

Post  [Developer]DevZeuS* on Mon Aug 03, 2009 1:29 am

oh good but now there are more anti hack but i know how to hack them:P ty
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